Milestone birthdays

Milestone birthdays

Milestone birthdays

Milestone birthdays Party

Product for special birthday: Original Part items for birthdays: 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 30th, 40th, 50th, 60th
The Partydeko for the milestone birthday of each room is decorated quickly. Not only the plates, cups and napkins to show the birthday number and create a moody atmosphere. The matching garlands, balloons, candles, sparklers or confetti are tuned to this special birthday. The Tortenaufleger transform any simple cake for a birthday cake. Now the party can rise and you can relax and take your congratulations contrary. Plates, cups and party accessories for the milestone birthday

17th Birthday Party Supplies

Party supplies for the 17th birthday

18th Birthday Party Supplies

18th birthday. At last year. For this special occasion also original Partygeschirr is in demand.

19th Birthday Party Supplies

Party article and party accessories for the 19th birthday

20th Birthday Party Supplies

Celebrations: articles for the 20th birthday decoration

21th Birthday Party supplies

Party accessories for party decoration 21 birthday

30th Birthday Party Supplies

Large supply a Party Product Office for the 30th birthday

40th Birthday Party Supplies

Celebrations articles for the 40th birthday

50th Birthday Party Supplies

Extensive accessories in Dekomaterial for the 50th birthday

60th Birthday Party supllies

Party article for table and space for the 60th birthday

70th birthday Party supplies

Celebrations: articles for the 70th birthday

80th Birthday Party Supplies

Party accessories for the 80th birthday decoration

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Jubiläumskerzen-Set 25

Product no.: 36001-25
Kerze mit der Zahl 25, 7x7 cm und 12 Kuchenkerzen 6cm, mit Halter.
2.49 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Balloon closure 24pcs.

Product no.: 59252

No more complicated knotting with balloons. Simply inflate the balloon, put it in the holder and push it to the end. 24 pieces, with hanger.

2.49 € / pack(s) *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days


Product no.: 35099

10 Plastikstäbe mit Halterungen für Luftballons - völlig ungefährlich, Länge 40 cm

1.99 € / pack(s) *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days
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