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Masks, wigs for Halloween and carnival for men

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Stone Age Spear

Product no.: 82090

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Stone Age ax

Product no.: 82091

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Deely Alien Eye

Product no.: 52047

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Carnival costumes Men

Costumes for Kaneval, Carnival and Halloween

Men costumes and accessories for men for the foolish season Whether Halloween or Carnival: Men looking at the foolish season again for a suitable costume and also the ever-increasing number of theme parties requires imagination and accessories for lining. With just a few accessories, men can dress up or complete their disguise. How about a matching mustache and hat for the gangsters trim or a colorful Clowskostüm? Even in our Stone Age costume makes each man a good figure. Our costumes for men are suitable for all events at Halloween and Mardi Gras. Become a real eye catcher and let yourself be inspired by the diversity of our offer and be inspired!