Boy Costumes

Boy Costumes

Children's Costume for boys in carnival

Costumes for Boys: From Pirates to Ninja fighters My son likes it when he can slip into another role. He wants to regulate even a policeman traffic at a party. Then he wants to stand up as a ninja fighter for the good again. Support this joy of disguise. This costume models help to build the illusion - of the son whom you know so well, is a vampire or a pirate.

For wild boys the perfect costume

Clothes make the man - the same goes for these costumes that make a few steps from your son another man. It can manifest itself as a saber good pirate, he can make as Dracula for creeps. Boring it is not in any case, when you select your son one of the costumes for boys. Simply looking at the images, is already fun. What do you want to be? Her son is already know.

For every wish is catered

Whether your son is a police officer to the party or the clown in a costume with patches or spots are: You will probably recognize him hardly. Thus, the trim provides neat voltage and in advance for excitement. Mich recognizes the party no!

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Tiger costume plush

Product no.: 29421

Transform your child into a small tiger. Overall with sewn head. Select size.

15.99 € / pack(s) *

Indian costume Paco

Product no.: 29423

Transform into a cool Indian Chief. Indian costume with great details. Select size.

9.80 € *

Cowboy costume rider

Product no.: 96122

Cowboy costume, consisting of trousers and vest with rider, with red fringes. Please choose a size.

15.99 € *

Cowboy costume rider

Product no.: 29454

Cowboy costume consisting of trousers and jacket with red fringe. Please choose a size.

16.99 € *

Indian costume with Indian head, 2pcs.

Product no.: 96121

Two-part Indian costume in brown with a head on the front. Please choose a size.

15.99 € *

Indian costume with Indian head, 2pcs.

Two-part Indian costume in brown with a head on the front. size 104.

15.99 € *

New Cave Boy Costume 3pcs

Product no.: 35242

Stone Age costume consisting of: trousers, shirt in leopard print and headband with 2 bones. Size 116+134 cm

13.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

New Olchi Costume

Product no.: 34564

With this costume every child transformed into a right Olchi. Olchi cape and hat, for children aged 4 to 9 years.

7.99 € *
9.99 €
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Helmet construction workers

Product no.: 96030

The correct headwear item for the hard workers. Hardhat of yellow plastic. Sizes adjustable

3.90 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Deely Alien Eye

Product no.: 52047

Oh, what is there shaking on the head. Green Alien Eyes decorate this hairband. Ideal for carnival. Eye diameter 60 mm

3.65 € *

King pirate costume

Cool pirate costume consisting of one piece with vest and cape, headband. choose size

10.99 € *

Clowns Costume points

Product no.: 29433

Classic Clown costume for children in the Carnival or the circus birthday. Costume with top, trousers and hat. Choose size.

9.99 € *

Clowns Costume patches

Product no.: 29434
11.99 € *

Clowns Costume 3pc.

Product no.: 29448

Sweet clown costume. This colorful costume consists of trousers, shirt and hat. Choose size

9.99 € *

Kostüm Clown mit Hut

Lustiges buntes Clown-Kostüm. Einteilig mit Hut
9.59 € *

Dracula cape with bats

Product no.: 29451-152

The right panel for vampires. Dracula cape with red collar and printed with red Flermäusen. size 152

9.99 € *

Police Shirt Size 92

Für Jungs das Größte: einen ganzen Tag Polizist sein. Tolles, strapazierfähiges Polizeishirt in den neuen Polizei-Farben. Size 92

14.99 € *

Ninja Costume size 128

Product no.: 29453-128

Ninja Costumes. Black jumpsuit with yellow ribbons for arms, legs and hips. On the chest is a an application of a yellow dragon.

12.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Ninja Fighter size 152

Product no.: 29440-152

The Skull Warrior Ninja costume for boys consists of a black full-body jumpsuit with breastplate and hood fight. size 152

21.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Ninja Costume size 152 red

Product no.: 29453-140 rot

Ninja costume. Green top, pants and hood in red. Ninja costume size 140

9.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

FBI Vest

Product no.: 90110

Cool FBI vest with lots of great details. Available in sizes 116 and 140. Please select size.

18.99 € *

Game Shirt Knight

Product no.: 90109

Durable Ritter-shirt for the knights lining. T-Shirt Knight with many details. Please select size.

12.99 € *

Games Shirt Firemen

Product no.: 90108

For the little fireman. T-Shirt Firefighter with many details. Please select size.

12.99 € *

Fireman Shirt Size 104

Fireman Shirt from high quality cotton with a great print in front and behind. Size 104, ages 3-4
14.99 € *

Cowboy Vest

Product no.: 90105

Cool outfit for cowboys and sheriffs. Cowboy vest in different sizes.

6.69 € *

Cowboy Costume 2 pcs.

Product no.: 29449

Beautiful accessories for small Cowoys. This cowboy costume consists of trousers with leopard fur and red fringed vest and with red fringe. Choose size

9.99 € *

Cowboy Shirt

Product no.: 90106

Very great designed long-sleeved shirt for cowboys games. The shirt is printed front and back. Please select size.

19.99 € *


Eine Weste für echte Cowboys. in verschiedenen Größen erhältlich

4.95 € *

Headband with Feathers

Product no.: 96080

Stretch Indian Headband with 6-7 colorful feathers. Length of the springs 16cm

2.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Indian Headdress

Product no.: 75152

For the proud chief: Indians hood with springs for children

4.59 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Indian Headband

Product no.: 59165

What would an Indian Panel without Indian headband with a feather. 2.5cm wide headband with rubber band. Indian feather 23cm long

2.49 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Indian Shirt

Product no.: 90107

Very great designed long-sleeved shirt for Indians games. The shirt is printed front and back. Please select size.

19.99 € *

Indian costume dark brown

Product no.: 29557-164

Very high-quality costume, consisting of top and trousers in dark brown with elaborate embellishments and double-layered felt trim. Very easy to care for. size 164

6.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Costume Indian 2pcs.

Product no.: 96088

Beautiful Indian costume consisting of top and pants with red fringe and belt. Choose size

22.99 € *

Indianer-Kostüm hellbraun-grün

Pflegeleichtes Indianerkostüm für Häuptling Adlerauge. Oberteil wird in der Seite gebunden. Kostüm bestehend aus Oberteil, Hose und Stirnband zum Binden. Gr. 128/134

10.99 € *

Piratenkostüm 2tlg.

Product no.: 29639

Piraten Kostüm bestehend aus Oberteil mit langen Ärmeln und gestreifter Hose. Größe wählen

8.99 € / pack(s) *

Skelett-Kostüm mit Blut

Product no.: 29632

Das richtige Outfit für Halloween. Skelett-Kostüm mit Kapuzenmaske. Größe wählen

11.99 € *

Costume Horror Boy

Product no.: 29441

Horror costume for children with bloodstained hood. Please choose a size.

22.95 € *


Product no.: 96117

Heißes Kostüm für kleine Teufel. Teufels-Kaputzengewand mit Schärpe in Größe L für 8-10 Jahre. Ohne Dreizack

9.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days


Product no.: 96307

Tolles Kostüm für alle Super-Klempner.  Passende Mütze, Overall und T-Shirt. Größe 6-9 Jahre (122/134)

15.99 € *

Pirate costume 2 pcs.

Product no.: 98300

Costume for little pirates. Consists of: pants, waistcoat with white sleeves., Belt. Select size.

14.99 € *


Product no.: 96303

Soldaten-Kostüm, bestehend aus 3 Teilen: Mütze, Oberteil, Hose.


12.99 € *


Product no.: 96302
Für mutige Flieger. Pilotenoverall aus strpazierfähigem Material.


9.99 € *

Clone Wars Anakin Box Set Gr.S

Product no.: 29480-S

Bei diesem Set handelt es sich um ein Original Lizenzkostüm von Anakin Skywalker, Größe S (4-6 Jahre)


15.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days


Product no.: 59203

Mit einem schwarzem T-Shirt und einer Spinnenmaske sieht das Spinnen-Oberteil richtig klasse aus. Spinnen-Brustteil vorne 29x34 cm, hinten 56cm lang.


8.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Rote Spinnen-Maske

Product no.: 59205

Augenmaske für die Spinnen-Verkleidung. Augenabstand 8cm


1.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Vampir-Umhang Transilvania

Product no.: 29713-152

Schwarzer Umhang mit rotem Brusteinsatz. Größe 152

9.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Kostüm Pustefix

Süßes Kostüm. Bedrucktes Oberteil mit Seifenblasen und Teddy-Bär Motiv.

9.99 € *


Product no.: 29533

Toller Zorrohut mit Band.

2.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days


Product no.: 29534

Zorromaske mit roter Aufschrift Zorro und mit Band. Augenabstand 8 cm

1.29 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days


Product no.: 96048

Für Gespenster und Spukgeister. Weißes Gespensterkostüm für 6-9jährige Kinder

12.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days


Product no.: 96301

Wie gruselig: Grusel-Overall mit Knochen bedruckt , für 6-9 Jahre

11.99 € *
In stock can be shipped within 4 days

Skeleton Costume

Product no.: 29442

A black jumpsuit printed with a skeleton. Rear is the Gruaselkostüm with Velcro verschlosse, select your size.

9.99 € *

Knight Shirt Tower Gr.116

Aus Baumwolle. Verliert auch nach zahllosen Wäschen weder Form noch Farbe. Größe 104/116

14.50 € *

Shirt wild Pirate Size 128

For the correct pirate outfit. This Pirate Shirt Pirate everyone looks very daring. Size 128

10.50 € *

Pirate Shirt Size 116

Cotton, nicely printed. The Pirate shirt does not lose even after countless washes the shape and color. Größe 116

14.99 € *

Construction Worker Shirt Size 116

Verliert auch nach vielen Wäschen nicht die Form. Strapazierfähiges Baumwollshirt. Size 116

14.99 € *

Wikingerkostüm 2-teilig

So kleiden sich Wikinger: Oberteil und Beinstulpen verwandeln jedes Kind in einen Wikinger, Breite 42 cm, Länge 60 cm, Ärmellänge 43 cm
22.99 € *

Stone Age Costume 3pcs

The right outfit for Stone Age boys and Stone Age girls. Costume consists of a garment, tie-belt and cuffs.

21.90 € *

Stone Age man Costume 4Pcs.

Product no.: 10380

The right outfit for Stone Age men. Costume consists of union, fur-shoulder sash, pouch and cord. Choose size

21.99 € *
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